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Sonal Salvi - 26th January, 2016

Training was very good.
Good and knowledgeable trainer.
Overall very good experience.

Jakhotia Darshana Vijay - Handwriting and Signature Analyst, Numerologist, German Student and Trainer - 14th January, 2016.

Very interesting course. Varun Sir makes learning and understanding more interesting by the way he teaches and the same involvement.
I am very glad I learned Face Reading and more glad as I learned it from Varun Sir. He is a "Fantastic Person", "Excellent Trainer" and a very supportive friend.

Unnati Chamadia - 11th September, 2014

Well, things never go as expected in life. More than graphology, I enjoyed this course. You learn about people just by looking at them - that's the most fascinating part! The course content is too extensive that provided me with knowledge of reading people which I was never good at. Again, I can never stop expressing my gratitude to Varun sir who teaches this course with utmost attention and enthusiasm. It has been a great experience and looking forward to join other courses with Globus Talent.

Mrs. Saakshi Amol Kerkar - 15th July, 2014

It was a very nice experience. Varun Sir taught me in very friendly and simple way. It was full of information. Notes are very good. I like the time flexibility in the course. I like his way of teaching and communication skills. Overall I got very good experience during the course. You are a very good teacher. Your behaviour is very friendly. Thank you very much for your teachings.

Shreya Jain - 13th February, 2014

This course has been an amazing experience, just like graphology. It has taught me a lot and I am definitely going to use it in my life. Varun sir has been the same, fun and a very interactive teacher.
It was a great experience.

Anjali Biyani - 13th February, 2014

It was a great and very enlightening experience with Globus Talent. The course on the whole is very much useful in my everyday life and helps me judge people more. Mr. Varun has made the sessions more interesting and easy to follow.

Meeinal Rane - 11th February, 2014

Varun (Sir) as I call him, is a selfless teacher, gave me time more than I expected, made me feel comfortable, waved his tuning to set with my mind tuning. Appreciate all the efforts he put in explaining and being patient with me. Stay Blessed. Meeinal.